Information Technology



If you are a cadet interested in Information Technology, contact LTC Babbitt or MAJ Major. Also visit our Facebook page West Point (USMA) Information Technology Program.

Our Information Technology program responds directly to the growing need of the Army for officers who can rapidly configure and integrate large collections of new equipment and existing systems to meet operational needs. Cadets graduating the program have the necessary skills and experience to lead technologically complex operations at all levels.

Ours is one of the finest IT programs in the nation. The Information Technology Program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET,

Additional degree offering:

  • Bachelor of Science in Electronic and Information Technology Systems (EITS)

EITS is a "design your own" technology major for cadets seeking more choice than possible in a major within the Department.

Our laboratory and fabrication facilities are first rate, including our support staff of dedicated professional technicians.

Outside the classroom, many Information Technology majors participate in clubs and activities that are great fun and professionally rewarding. A few examples...

  • Association for Computing Machinery Student Chapter Special Interest Group in Security, Audit and Control (ASM-SIGSAC)

Finally, we sponsor exciting summer opportunities for cadets to apply their knowledge in research and operational settings at locations throughout the world, normally for four to seven week periods.

Program Summary

IT majors use technical tools to provide services for users that need them. The material covered in the major includes:

This link includes a list of the required courses and for each course what technology is used.

  • Three Database / Web Development Courses
  • Three Networking / Security Courses
  • Three IT Programming Courses (Python)
  • Two IT Application Courses
  • Two Programmable Logic / Computer Architecture Courses
  • A Nine Month Team Project for a Real Client

This link includes a list of the required courses and for each course what technology is used.

People in Information Technology


Program Director

  • LTC Thomas Babbitt


  • MAJ Keith Major

Senior Faculty

  • Dr. Ed Sobiesk
  • Dr. John James
  • Dr. Jim Loy
  • Dr. Suzanne Matthews

Additional Faculty

  • COL Tanya Estes
  • LTC Steven Elgan
  • LTC Chris Morrell
  • LTC Dave Harvie
  • LTC Malcolm Haynes
  • MAJ John Chamberlin
  • MAJ Corey Crosser
  • MAJ Joshua Groen
  • MAJ Keith Major
  • MAJ Tim McGee
  • MAJ Sang Yim
  • MAJ Justin Shafer
  • MAJ Jake Shaha
  • MAJ Eric Sturzinger
  • MAJ Danny Zhu
  • Dr. Erica Borghard
  • Mr. Kyle King


IT Objectives, Outcomes, and Enrollment