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Welcome, Class of 2023!

Ready to really understand the world? The Geography Program has two great majors, Human Geography and Environmental Geography that will change the way you look at human and physical environments. For information, contact your Dirt P, COL Lohman, Dr. Malinowski, Dr. Richmond, or any member of the Geography Faculty. To learn more, see our intro brochure here for a quick overview or visit our Majoring in Geography page for more detailed information. Please make an appointment or swing by and talk to any faculty member in the Department for a copy of the course catalog or to discuss a specific program. We'll be more than happy to sit down with you and explain your options. We have a program in Human Geography and Environmental Geography and each has an Honors Program as well.

Environmental Physical Geography

Physical Geography Geography Major

Physical Geography is a great major for anyone interested in environmental issues, the natural landscapes, resource studies, environmental conflict, or global environmental change.

Human Geography

Human Geography Major

Over the past decade, Human Geography has been one of the most popular majors at the Academy and just in the last 5 years we've graduated about 150 human geographers that are now working around the world.

Human-Environment Geography Major

Human-Environment Geography Major

Any cadet who wants to THINK BIG should consider this major.  In DP PAM 600-3 (Officer Personnel Management), geography is listed as one of the degrees you must have to be an Army Strategist.  If you wait until you're a senior officer to learn how to think strategically, it's too late.