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Recent Faculty Publications


Law Faculty Publications

David Wallace, Amy McCarthy & Mark Visger, Peeling Back the Onion of Cyber Espionage after Tallinn 2.0, Maryland Law Review (2019). 

Eugene Gregory, Ronald Alcala & Shane Reeves, Chinese Fazhi and the International Order, Harvard International Review (2019). 

E. Corrie Westbrook Mack & Shane R. Reeves, Tethering the Law of Armed Conflict to Operational Practice: "Organized Armed Group" Membership in the Age of ISIS, Berkeley Journal of International Law (2019). 

David Wallace, Shane Reeves & Trent Powell, Revisiting Belligerent Reprisals in the Age of Cyber?, Marquette Law Review (2018) (Honorable Mention - 2019 Richard R. Baxter Military Prize). 

David Wallace & Mark Visger, The Use of Weaponized "Honeypots" under the Customary International Law of State Responsibility, Cyber Defense Review (2018). 

David Wallace & Mark Visger, Responding to the Call for a Digital Geneva Convention: An Open Letter to Brad Smith and the Technology Community, Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare (2018).

Robert Lawless, A State of Complicity: How Russia's Persistent and Public Denial of Syrian Battlefield Atrocities Violates International Law, Harvard National Security Journal (2018).

Amy McCarthy, Erosion of the Rule of Law as a Basis for Command Responsibility under International Humanitarian Law, Chicago Journal of International Law (2018). 

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Recent Faculty Presentations


Winston Williams, Panel: "Careers in Government and the Military for Law School Graduates," University of Tennessee College of Law (Feb. 2019). 

Shane Reeves, "Cybersecurity and its Functions in the Law," 9th Federal Judge's Association Quadrennial Conference (May 8, 2018).

Tim Bakken, "Reforming the Adversarial System and Freeing Innocent People," University of Oxford, Redesigning Justice: Promoting Civil Rights, Trust and Fairness conference (March 21, 2018).

Winston Williams, "African American in Times of War," The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School (Feb. 27, 2018).

Shane Reeves, "War in Cities," Brigham Young University Law School conference (Feb. 14-16, 2018).