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Mission Statement: To foster a deeper understanding of the complex and evolving relationship between law and warfare, through global academic engagement and advanced interdisciplinary research, in order to educate and empower current and future combat leaders.

The Lieber Institute for Law and Land Warfare is at the crossroads of academia and military legal study. Uncertainty in warfare creates a variety of complex problems. Perhaps the most dangerous potential development is the failure of the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) to evolve with, and recognize the legal challenges presented by, the ambiguous contemporary battlefield. The continued effectiveness, and enforceability, of LOAC is highly dependent on whether the expressed rules remain definitive, understood, and accepted in today's complicated conflicts. Debates concerning cyber warfare, indefinite detention at Guantanamo Bay, the use of drone aircraft, the required protections afforded civilian participants in warfare, and various other contentious topics highlight a troubling lack of unanimity in the international community concerning LOAC.

Only by proactively keeping LOAC relevant can the primacy of the law remain unquestioned in contemporary warfare.  The Lieber Institute, bringing together world class scholars, academics and legal practitioners, seeks to examine the role of LOAC in emerging conflicts around the world.

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