​Selected Recent Publications by Lieber Institute Personnel



Tallinn Manual 2.0 Symposium hosted by the Texas Law Review and the Lieber Institute


Articles and Chapters

Michael Schmitt & Michael Schauss, Uncertainty in the Law of Targeting: Towards a Cognitive Framework, Harvard National Security Journal (2019). 

Eugene Gregory, Ronald Alcala & Shane Reeves, Chinese Fazhi and the International Order, Harvard International Review (2019). 

E. Corrie Westbrook Mack & Shane Reeves, Tethering the Law of Armed Conflict to Operational Practice: "Organized Armed Group" Membership in the Age of ISIS, Berkeley Journal of International Law (2018). 

Michael Schmitt & Kubo Macak, "Enemy Controlled Battlespace": The Contemporary Meaning and Purpose of Additional Protocol I's Article 44(3) Exception, Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law (2018). 

Michael Schmitt, "Virtual" Disenfranchisement: Cyber Election Meddling in the Gray Zones of International Law, Chicago Journal of International Law (2018). 

Michael N. Schmitt & Chad Highfill, Invisible Injuries: Concussive Effects and International Humanitarian Law, Harvard National Security Journal (2018). 

David Wallace & Mark Visger, The Use of Weaponized "Honeypots" under the Customary International Law of State Responsibility, Cyber Defense Review (2018). 

David Wallace, Shane Reeves & Trent Powell, Revisiting Belligerent Reprisals in the Age of Cyber?, Marquette Law Review (2018) (Honorable Mention - 2019 Richard R. Baxter Military Prize). 

Blog Posts

Michael Schmitt & Jeffrey Biller, Un-caging the Bear? A Case Study in Cyber Opinio Juris and Unintended Consequences, European Journal of International Law: Talk! (Oct. 24, 2018). 

Michael Schmitt, In Defense of Sovereignty in Cyberspace, Just Security (May 5, 2018). 

Shane Reeves & Michael Schmitt, An Athens and Sparta Alliance: A Call for Collaboration Between Academics and Practitioners on the Law Governing Armed Conflict, Just Security (Mar. 28, 2018).

Michael Schmitt & Matthew King, The "Shift Cold" Military Tactic and International Humanitarian Law, Just Security (Feb. 20, 2018). 

Michael Schmitt & Ryan Goodman, Best Advice for Policymakers on "Bloody Nose" Strike against North Korea: It's Illegal, Just Security (Jan 23, 2018). 

Shane Reeves & Robert Lawless, Is There an International Legal Basis for the 'Bloody Nose' Strategy?, Lawfare (Jan. 19, 2018).


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