The Terrorism Studies Minor

This program is designed to provide cadets with the intellectual, conceptual, analytical, and theoretical tools to understand the nature, implications, root causes, and complex challenges posed by terrorism in the 21st century, and the multifaceted issues associated with counterterrorism policy.

TSM Cadets visit the CIA

Photo: TSM Cadets visit the CIA

Housed within the Department of Social Sciences at West Point, the TSM program leverages the robust expertise and experiences of the Combating Terrorism Center and the department’s permanent and rotating faculty members. The TSM is based on two pillars: academic and professional development. These interrelated components are designed to offer cadets a world-class education in the different facets of terrorism and political violence and the ways governments respond to these challenges, while creating a community of young counterterrorism professionals in the process.

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Cadets meet with the National Security Council

TSM Cadets meeting with LTG H.R. McMaster, National Security Adviser, and members of the NSC staff

To learn more about the Terrorism Studies Minor, please contact Dr. Richard Yon.