Welcome to the Center for Environmental and Geographic Sciences 


The Center for Environmental and Geographic Sciences (CEGS) is a research Center of Excellence established under the guidance of the Dean, United States Military Academy and the Department Head, D/GEnE. The Center is organized under the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering and integrates the three programs (Environmental Engineering, Geography and GIS) for research and outreach to the academic and Army communities.


  • Promote environmental and geographical science outreach to the local community, the region, the Army and the Nation.
  • Coordinate, through Program Directors, to assist future faculty in research project opportunities for graduate school.
  • Advertise our expertise and accomplishments to the West Point community, the public, and the Army.
  • Support linkages to professional organizations throughout the nation.
  • Establish and maintain memorandums of agreement with all applicable Army organizations.
  • Conduct biannual research updates to include briefings, a newsletter and website.
  • Act as a repository and quality filter on USMA research updates/reports for research conducted in D/G&EnE.
  • Act as a functioning center of excellence that meets the needs of the three programs within D/G&EnE.


  • Improve the professional development opportunities of the faculty by providing applied and academic research opportunities in areas relevant to the Army and academic community.
  • Establish and maintain strong relationships between D/G&EnE, the Academy, the academic community, and the Army.
  • Assist in integrating the three programs within D/G&EnE.
  • Enhance the cadet education experience.