Research Philosophy

The research philosophy of my department emphasizes conducting research that expands scientific understanding in our disciplines, while providing the United States Army with solutions to multifaceted technical and policy issues. Further, most research should complement the primary mission of the academic program at the United States Military Academy, educating and inspiring cadets to become life-long learners. Our research supports our academic mission by providing real-world teaching examples, professional development for the faculty, and opportunities for cadet independent academic development projects.

The department’s outreach effort is focused through the Center for Environmental and Geographic Sciences (CEGS). The CEGS works with the Army, other governmental agencies, and community partners to provide a resource for research in military geography, environmental security, environmental science and engineering, and the field of geospatial information science. We have laboratory facilities for environmental science and engineering, geology, and the geosciences. Our Geosciences Laboratory provides state-of-the-art hardware and software for all areas related to geographic information systems, remote sensing, cartography, photogrammetry and surveying. The scope of effort by the Department also includes active participation in solving problems related to the Army’s vision of being a national leader in environmental stewardship for the twenty-first century. Our goal is to capitalize on the talents and initiatives of our outstanding faculty as the foundation for building a national-class research program that benefits the Army, the Hudson Valley, and the U.S. Military Academy.