Mass Atrocity Early Warning Application


The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at West Point and the Simon-Skodjt Center for the Prevention of Genocide have partnered with the Air Force Academy, the Naval Academy and Microsoft to create an Atrocity Early Warning Application.  The “app” development began with an interdisciplinary team of cadets and faculty as part of a Defense Advanced Research and Projects Agency (DARPA) competition in 2014, and in 2016-17, became a multi-academy design competion.  


To develop a groundbreaking, mobile application to quantitatively advance global knowledge of and ability to predict state-led mass atrocity. The Early Warning Mobile Application will consolidates a series of breakthroughs in statistical modeling and the crowd-sourcing of knowledge, making our global community more resilient.  In its finished form, the app will compile statistics, social network data, and crowd-sourced data; expert blogs, scholarly articles, and policy reports; geospatial mapping capacity; and real-time reports (through platforms such as Twitter or big data analysis) originating mainly from the Center for the Prevention of Genocide (CPG).  The aim of the app is to repackage the information and globally disseminate it to interested parties, whether they be policymakers, non-governmental organizations, scholars, or simply concerned citizens around the world.  In its finished form, the app will be distributed for free through the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Department of Defense, and has the potential to be used by millions of individuals annually.  It will be a quantum leap forward in humanity’s efforts to prevent or mitigate mass atrocity.
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Early Warning Mobil App