Cadet Internships and Travel


The CHGS supports a variety of internships, research opportunities, and intensive foreign studies (staff rides) for cadets. Some are listed below, while others change annually. In 2015, for example, the Center helped plan, execute and fund a trip on the literature and philosophy of the Holocaust run by the Department of English and Philosophy at West Point.  This two-week trip, which made stops in Prague, Budapest, Krakow and Auschwitz, is an example of how the CHGS promotes inter-departmental cooperation.  The Center also prioritizes allowing cadets the opportunity to study genocide and mass atrocity by traveling abroad independently to take part in special programs or conduct archival research. For more information, contact the Center’s Director, David Frey .

Mothers of Srebrenica

Cadets and faculty participants in the History Department Staff Ride to Bosnia and Croatia pictured with a group of Mothers of Srebrenica, at the Potočari Genocide Memorial in Bosnia and Hercegovina, 15 March 2016