Research and Internships

Current Faculty Research

" The African Environmental Stability Project (AESP) " - The African Environmental Stability Project (AESP) is an official Department of Defense activity, sponsored by the Department of Geography & Environmental Engineering at the United States Military Academy, West Point.  The peoject is led by Dr. Amy Richmond, with participation of the CHGS in foreign study and undergraduate research.  This project is an outgrowth of the "Water Vulnerability and Mass Violence" research project, which began in 2013.  

The first issue of the Undergraduate Journal of African Studies , features articles related to this AESP and water vulnerability projects.

Tumwines Farm

Dr. Amy Richmond, Major Dylan Malcomb and cadets conduct field study on the relationship between water and vulnerability in Uganda.  Photo taken on the farm of Dr. Fredrick Tumwines of Makerere University.     

Water Dialogue
CHGS affiliated West Point faculty participants in a 2012 Interagency water security dialogue.

  • “Human Rights, Espionage, and Holocaust Memory in Hungary, 1945-1953” – Dr. David Frey. This study focuses on Hungarian responses to US and international accusations of violations of human rights charters, and investigates ties between previously unacknowledged espionage, questions of rights and justice, and mobilization of Holocaust memory.  
  • " Networks of Somali Pirate Capitalism in the Indian Ocean " – Dr. Charles Thomas & Dr. David Frey. This is a AFRICOM funded, network science-based historical study. 

Recent and On-going Cadet Research Projects and Theses

The CHGS facilitates and underwrites cadet research projects, either through independent study, capstone projects or honors theses.  Below are examples of works the Center has underwritten, or the Center Director has supervised or advised.


  • Gabriel Beck – "A Tale of Two Camps: Holocaust Memorialization at Dachau and Neuengamme"
  • Curtis Valencia – "The Paper Tiger: The UN Genocide Convention and the US Justifications against Intervention in Rwanda and Darfur"
  • Lorraine Ariail-- "From Neighbors to Nemesis: Serbian Identity Construction and the Srebrenica Genocide"
  • Drew Brozovich--"Balkan Blunders: The KLA's Capitilization of Nato's Mistakes"
  • Lindsay Gabow--"The Tragedy of Good Intentions: The Catholic Church and the Guatemalan Genocide"


  • Shawna Moore – “Control of the Nile: Debates, Disputes, and Legal Precedents, 1898-2015”
  • James O’Keefe – “An Indispensable Ally: The Romanian Army in the Conquest of the Crimea.”
  • USAFA Cadets Christian Ferrarini, Stephen Orians, and Benjamin Persian -“Understanding Genocide through Rational Action and Evolutionary Game Theory.”  


  • Charles Costanzo - “Atrocity Early Warning: A Historiographical Study of the Prevention of Mass Atrocities”
  • Regina DiMarco – “A Hippocritic Oath: The Nuremberg Code and the Birth of Medical Ethics” 
  • Erin Kocher – “The Bosnia War and the Concept of Genocide”•Evan Kowalski – “Modern Deception: A Look into the Problem of Collective Memory in the Construction of A Nation in Post-Vichy France”
  • Claire Williams – “The US Media and Government during Rwanda: A Convenient Partnership Against ‘Doing Something’”
  • Charles Costanzo, Erin Kocher, Claire Williams, Micah Douglas, Taylor Herrington – “The Mass Atrocity Risk Assessment ‘App’”


  • Regina DiMarco – “Health Care and Hygiene in the Ghettos. Jewish Medicine and Medical Ethics under Nazi Domination” 
  • Joseph Ramos – “Origins of Genocide: Rwanda under Belgian Colonization”


  • Natalia Gruenbaum – “The Beautiful Cockroach: How Hutu Power Ideology Normalized Violence Against Tutsi Women During the 1994 Rwandan Genocide and How Sexual Violence Indirectly Developed as a Result of Sexualized Propaganda and Ethnic Myth” and “The Myth of the Rwandan Genocide: Western Perceptions of African Tribalism and Ethnicity.” 
  • Tara Lacson – “Sanctioned Discrimination: Church Complicity in the Rwandan Genocide” 
  • Carl Rios – “The Spatial Distribution of Genocide” (with the Network Science Center) 
  • Morgan Tucker – “Propaganda and Cultural Hatred” 
  • Dan Zeller – “Ethnic Propaganda in Sudan: The Spark of Ethnic Cleansing”