The mission of the United States Military Academy’s (USMA) Center for Languages, Cultures, and Regional Studies (CLCRS) is to pursue applied and theoretical research in instructional design and delivery, experiential learning, and assessment in foreign language proficiency, intercultural competence, and regional expertise in support of the Academy’s academic and military program goals and U.S Army and Department of Defense (DoD) requirements. The Center will execute its mission by:

  • Conducting & publishing applied & theoretical research that benefits USMA, DoD, and the academic community.
  • Establishing CLCRS as a recognized interdisciplinary Center of Excellence.
  • Developing and systematizing collaboration within USMA and with other external government and academic institutions.
  • Becoming financially independent and permanently staffed.

Visit the Initiatives page to view specific research initiatives currently underway in the Center. 

Contact Information

Center for Languages, Cultures, and Regional Studies
United States Military Academy 
745 Brewerton Road, Suite 5100c 
West Point, NY 10996