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Our mission is to support the Army and United States Military Academy by serving as the focal point for the Department of Chemistry and Life Science in chemistry, chemical engineering, and biological sciences research and outreach activities, leveraging intellectual capital, building strategic relationships, and developing chemical education pedagogy.


Our Cadets

While completing their undergraduate studies, cadets have the opportunity to engage in laboratory work for academic credit. The work will involve planning, executing, and reporting engineering and science experiments under the guidance of C&LS faculty members. The work may complement AIAD (summer internship) experiences in the summer at locations away from West Point or it may be a stand-alone set of experiments.  During this time, cadets select a research advisor (“Principal Investigator” or “Mentor”) and enroll in an appropriate research course.  There are currently 10 research courses offered in the Department of Chemistry and Life Science.

There are currently over 33 ongoing research projects.



Center for Molecular Science Leadership

J. Kenneth Wickiser, Ph.D.

J. Kenneth Wickiser, Ph.D.
CMS Director
Life Science

LTC Tim Hill, Ph.D.

LTC Timothy Hill, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Course Director
Life Science