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Welcome to the Center for Nation Reconstruction and Capacity Development

The mission of the Center for Nation Reconstruction and Capacity Development at the United States Military Academy is to take an interdisciplinary systems approach in facilitating and focusing research, professional practice, training, and information dissemination in the planning, execution, and assessment of efforts to build partner capacity for communities, nations, and regions. The Center maintains a strong focus on professional practice in support of developing current and future Army leaders through cultural immersion and research opportunities.

Center for Reconstruction


What Is Capacity Development?

Capacity building is a continuous gradual and demonstrable movement toward self-sufficiency in the holistic development and alignment of integrated systems. Building integrated systems for communities, nations, or regions requires attention to human capacity, data gathering capacity for the advancement of early warning systems, and the execution of capacity. Ultimately, the goal of capacity building is to strengthen national systems so that communities, nations, or regions are capable of effectively responding to short-term shocks and long-term stressors. Building and integrating capacities in specific ways requires a focus on a client’s business model to meet specific needs, including identifying key stakeholders, establishing a correct strategy and change process, utilizing appropriate technology, and aligning partnerships.

Human capacity represents the various skills and attributes of individuals who, collectively, operate organizations and institutions. Data gathering capacity is the ability to routinely collect valid information for purposes of assessing outcomes and monitoring early warning indicators of potential shocks and stressors. Execution capacity represents the ability of individuals, organizations, and institutions to make informed decisions. Capacity building requires the integration of these three key components into a holistic resilient system. Consequently, characteristics of system capacity include responsive governance, inclusive policy processes, transparency, cooperation, access to information, and evidence-based decision making.

Capacity Management