CSCMO WestPoint Hall Building.png
National Defense University: Center for Complex Operations
  • Focus: Course offerings in Civil-Military Planning and Operations
  • Audience: Senior Service Officers, Federal Govt. employees
Army War College: U.S. Army Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute
  • Focus: U.S. Army’s Center of Excellence for Stability and Peace Operations at the Strategic and Operational levels to improve military, civilian agency, international and multinational capabilities and execution.
  • Audience: Senior Service Officers
Combined Arms Center: Colonel Arthur D. Simons Center for the Study of Interagency Cooperation
  • Focus: Foster and develop an interagency body of knowledge at the tactical and operational levels of war
  • Audience: Senior staff and commanders
Naval Postgraduate School: Center for Civil-Military Relations
  • Focus: Civil-military relations between a host nation military with their civilian government
  • Audience: Mid-career and senior service Active Duty, Federal Govt. employees, Foreign officers
NATO: Civil-Military Co-operation Centre of Excellence
  • Focus: To assist NATO, sponsoring nations and other military and civil institutions/organizations in their operational and transformation efforts in the field of civil-military interaction
  • Audience: NATO Officers and civilians
Universities: George Mason University: Peace Operations Policy Program
  • Focus: Advance the body of knowledge and understanding about peace operations
  • Audience: Civilian and military Master’s students