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The Cyber Research Center (CRC) is a research center located within the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY. The center is staffed with several civilians as well as five field grade officers, including the Director, who have each served in the active Army for no less the 15 years and possess a Masters or Ph.D. in computer science. Some of our affiliates include field grade officers from within the Department of EECS and various others academic departments throughout the academy as well as several Research Fellows. In addition to contributing their cyber security expertise in researching significant challenges, these affiliates are involved throughout the year in annual cadet programs such as cadet senior design capstone project management,  the annual Cyber Defense Competition, cadet trip sections, annual summer internships and cadet mentorship.

The CRC was originally founded in June 1985 as the Artificial Intelligence center under an agreement between the United States Military Academy and the Office of the Army G2. Under this agreement, USMA was to create a research center to investigate how artificial intelligence would benefit the Army. In 1999, this mission changed to reflect the emerging dependence on information systems and the security vulnerabilities that ensued.

Our vision is: To be an internationally respected center of for innovative cyber education, research and development.