McDonald Conference for Leaders of Character



The mission of the McDonald Conference for Leaders of Character (MCLC) is to bring together a diverse group of the top undergraduate student leaders from across the globe with world class senior leaders who act as mentors in a team-based, experiential event that bolsters leadership skills, fosters critical thinking and collaboration, and develops potential strategies for addressing pressing global issues.


2020 is scheduled for Mar 19 - Mar 22, 2020 at West Point. 


MCLC History: The McDonald Conference for Leaders of Character began in 2012 with the vision of being the premier transformative, short-duration leadership experience for young, emerging global leaders who unite together with preeminent world leaders in an enduring partnership.  The annual conference is made possible by the vision and resources of founding benefactors Secretary & Mrs. Robert McDonald and is supported by a kind gift from the Garrison and Sharman families. The conference has been hosted each year by the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership. Since its inception, the event has touched the lives of over 600 students and senior leaders through its exploration of relevant and timely themes. 

Past Conference Themes

2019 - Leading with Character in a Technology Driven World

2018  - Making Ripples: Character, Ideas, and Teams

2017  - Opposition & Innovation: Taking Risks to Lead Change

2016  - From Failure to Inspiration and Change

2015  - Cross-Cultural Competence

2013  - Responsibility

2012  - Leading in an Interconnected World