U.S. Military Academy Library

Jefferson Hall


Jefferson Hall, completed in 2008, reflects the Academy's ongoing commitment to academic excellence. The United States Military Academy Library, the Center for Enhanced Performance and the Center for Teaching Excellence, all providers of student-centered information services, are now consolidated in one central location, directly along the path from the barracks to Thayer Hall.

Modern in design and composition, Jefferson Hall yet incorporates many of the characteristics of Central Area architecture, such as entry arches, limestone window surrounds and multi-paned windows. Special features include 8,000 amber-colored glass blocks on the north exterior wall of the ground floor and terracotta bricks on interior walls. New Hampshire granite, used on the exterior, is also incorporated in the interior walls of the lobby and sixth floor. The upholstered furniture was manufactured in North Carolina, and the wooden tables and chairs in Wisconsin.

Please note Jefferson Hall is not open to the general public. Visitors must meet access and authorization requirements. More information on access policies is available.

Collaborative Rooms

The Library has 12 Collaborative Rooms for Cadets and Faculty use. For more information visit the Collaborative Rooms page.



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Parking for visitors around the USMA Library and Jefferson Hall is not plentiful. Most parking spaces around the Central Area of West Point require a CPA pass available only to certain employees. Visitors are therefore not advised to park in any open place they see..

The best and closest recommended parking is available on Thayer Road, south of the library between Central Area and the Highland Falls gate. Please note that many of these spaces also now require a CPA pass. Shuttle service along Cullum Road is also available from the Buffalo Soldier Parking Lot just inside the Highland Falls gate.