U.S. Military Academy Library


USMA Library services and facilities are subject to policies set by the U.S. Military Academy, the Office of the Dean, and USMA Library Administration.


Policies set by the USMA Library Administration

Administration and Personnel

Mission, Vision, and Goals(LPOM 1-1 PDF Icon)
Annual Objectives 2017-18 (LPOM 1-2 PDF Icon)
Volunteers (LPOM 1-4 PDF Icon)
Internships (LPOM 1-5 PDF Icon)
Employee Tours of Duty (LPOM 1-6 PDF Icon)
Internal Communication (LPOM 1-7 PDF Icon)
External Communication (LPOM 1-8 PDF Icon)

Services and Facilities
Circulation of Library Materials (LPOM 2-1 PDF Icon)
External Reference and Research Support (LPOM 2-2 PDF Icon)
Appropriate Conduct in Library Facilities (LPOM 2-3 PDF Icon)

Collections and Resources
Gifts and Donations (LPOM 3-1 PDF Icon)
Gifts-in-Kind Donation Form
Academic Support Statements
Behavioral Sciences & Leadership (LPOM 3-6-1 PDF Icon)
Center for Enhanced Performance (LPOM 3-6-16 PDF Icon)
Chemistry & Life Science (LPOM 3-6-2 PDF Icon)
Civil & Mechanical Engineering (LPOM 3-6-3 PDF Icon)
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (LPOM 3-6-4 PDF Icon)
English & Philosophy (LPOM 3-6-5 PDF Icon)
Foreign Languages (LPOM 3-6-6 PDF Icon)
Geography & Environmental Engineering (LPOM 3-6-7 PDF Icon)
History (LPOM 3-6-8 PDF Icon)
Law (LPOM 3-6-9 PDF Icon)
Mathematical Sciences (LPOM 3-6-10 PDF Icon)
Military Instruction (LPOM 3-6-11 PDF Icon)
Physical Education (LPOM 3-6-12 PDF Icon)
Physics & Nuclear Engineering (LPOM 3-6-13 PDF Icon)
Social Sciences (LPOM 3-6-14 PDF Icon)
Systems Engineering (LPOM 3-6-15 PDF Icon)

Policies set by the Office of the Dean

West Point Jefferson Hall Library and Learning Center (DPOM 08-1 PDF Icon)
Governs regular operations of the Jefferson Hall Library and Learning Center, including resident organizations, access policies, facility operating hours, use restrictions, and responsibilities.
West Point Jefferson Hall Library and Learning Center Special Event and Reserved Use Operations (DPOM 08-2 PDF Icon)
Governs special event and reserved use operations of the Jefferson Hall Library and Learning Center, including facility descriptions and authority designations, eligibility for reservations and use, process and procedure for special events,, and responsibilities.
West Point Bartlett Hall Library Use Operations (DPOM 08-3 PDF Icon)
Governs facility access, hours of operation, facility restrictions, and staff responsibilities.

Policies set by the U.S. Military Academy

Catering Market Primacy at West Point MFR
Alcoholic Beverages (USMA Reg. 215-1)