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How do I Use Spaces and Technology?

Collaborative Rooms & Places to Study

Learn how to check out rooms, how the rooms are equipped, which floor is the quiet floor, and more.

Reserve a Room (Staff & Faculty)

Policy and procedure to request a room in the library.

Print, Copy, Scan

Where and how to print, copy, or scan in the library.

Wireless Internet

Cadets, Staff & Faculty

All USMA-issued laptops should automatically connect to the "West Point Wireless" network. The West Point Wireless network (DREN) is a CAC-authenticated network. This network is available throughout the entire library.

If you cannot connect to the wireless:

  • Check to make sure that your wireless is turned on.
  • Try restarting your computer, especially if it does not find the West Point Wireless network, since it may "remember" the hard-wired connection it most recently used. 
  • If you still cannot connect to the wireless, please contact Goldcoats or your DCO.

If you are using an iPad to access a wireless network, you must have installed and activated the Airwatch App in order to connect to the West Point Mobile wireless network. If your iPad cannot find that network, please contact Goldcoats or IETD for assistance.

West Point Community, Alumni, and Visitors

A very limited wireless network (USMALIB) is available in certain areas of the library for the West Point community, alumni, and visitors. To access this wireless network on your personal device, see the staff members at the Front Desk or Help Desk. 

Please note: Cadets are not authorized to use the USMALIB network for any device. 

Off Campus Access

Cadets, Staff & Faculty

USMA-issued laptops will have a VPN software client installed. When you are using the library website from a laptop connected through VPN, you will be able to access all resources as if you were physically at West Point.

  • Please contact Goldcoats or your DCO if you need assistance with the VPN software.

Access when not using VPN:

When you are working from a computer or other device that is not on the USMA network, do the following: 

  • Using Scout: 
    • Conduct your search. The result page will have a yellow banner at the top of the page that says “Hello, Guest. Login for full access.”
    • If you click on a search result that requires authentication, a window will pop up that will prompt you to “Login for full access.”
    • Once you are on the login page, enter your full name and/or Library ID as prompted 
      • Cadet Library ID: C-number 
      • Staff & Faculty Library ID: DoD ID number from back of CAC
      • Family Member: Library Card Number (below barcode)
    • If you know the database you want to access, go to the A-Z database page 
      • Click on the database, and enter your library ID to login.
      • The database will open, and you should be able to use as if you were at West Point.
    • If the item or database fails to open, or if you receive an error message, please call the Reference Desk at 845-938-8325 or use our chat in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

Whenever possible, remote access to library resources will be made available to anyone eligible for a library account. You will need to log into your library account first before trying to access any library resources remotely. Please be aware that not all resources are available remotely.

Digital Sign Request

The library has digital signs throughout the USMA Library as a way to share information about library events, services, resources, and space.

What can be posted?

  • Signs in support of events hosted in the library (such as conferences, lectures, exhibits)
  • Signs in support of organizations that reside in the library (FLICR, CEP, or the Mounger Writing Center)
  • Other signs that support an announcement, event, or activity that is non-commercial, open to the public, and/or directly related to an academic department or cadet organization

Who is the audience?

  • Current cadets, faculty, and staff 
  • All visitors to the library 

How long can signs be displayed for?

  • 10 days prior to event
  • Signs promoting a longer event, such as an exhibit, may be displayed for the duration of the event
  • If a sign is promoting an on-going series of events, such as a series of classes, the details should be refreshed to maintain currency, specificity, and relevance.

What should I submit? Who do I submit it to?

  • Submit your sign using one of the templates below to Heather Seminelli by email. 
  • Horizontal Format (for display in elevators, by Front Desk, and Help Desk) Library Sign Template – Horizontal Flyer 
  • Vertical Format (For display on signs outside elevators on the 1st – 5th floors) Library Sign Template – Vertical Sign 
  • Haig Room (for display at the entry to the Haig Room) Library Sign Template – Haig Room 
  • Include the dates you would like the sign displayed and your contact information.

The library reserves the right to review, approve, and deny the content submitted. More detail on this program can be found in LPOM 1-9: Digital Signage.


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