Cadet Clubs 

Welcome to the home of the Directorate of Cadet Activities Corps of Cadets Extracurricular Clubs. The United States Corps of Cadets offers cadet activities in a variety of disciplines. For more information on these clubs, please visit one of the categories listed below and click on the name of the club that interests you. 
Club Name Officer In Charge Phone
Amateur Radio LTC  Stephen  Hamilton 845-938-9649
American Chemical Society LTC Chi Nguyen 845-938-4983
American Institute of Chemical Engineers LTC April Miller 845-938-5817
American Society for Engineering Management CPT Daniel Newll 845-938-5206
Astronomy Dr. Paula Fekete 845-938-4545
Aviation COL Tanya Estes 845-938-6605
Cadet Competitive Cyber Team LTC Malcom Haynes 845-938-2193
Cadet Community on Civil-Military Operations CPT Michael Wilson 845-938-5126
Cadet Fine Arts Forum MAJ Charles Markley 845-938-0454
African-American Arts Dr. Jessica Stock 845-938-3552
Creative Writing Forum MAJ Charles Markley 845-938-1630
Elsie Sannes Pinnell Art Forum MAJ Thomas Ward 845-938-4745
Film Forum MAJ Andrew Marsh 845-938-4068
Hudson Valley Cultural Forum MAJ Sean Dansberger 845-938-2646
Jazz Forum MAJ Robert Crouse 845-938-2976
Opera Forum MAJ Mastie Baker 845-938-2976
Philosophy Forum MAJ David Parsons 845-938-2199
Studio Arts Forum Dr. Lay Phonexayphova  
Civil and Military Engineering Club LTC Kevin Arnett 845-938-2600
Debate Council and Forum Dr. Thomas Sherlock 845-938-2864
Debate Forum CPT Mackenzie Colella 845-938-3482
Domestic Affairs Forum MAJ Johnathon Parker 845-938-3044
Ethics Debate Forum Dr. Graham Parsons 845-938-0225
Investment Forum MAJ Kyle Stramara 845-938-2757
Model Arab League MAJ Clay Hardwick 845-938-0060
Model UN (West Point Forum) MAJ Kerney Perlik 845-938-3387
Speech and Parliamentary Debate Forum CPT Stephen Dilorenzo 845-938-8383
Student Conference on US Affairs (SCUSA) MAJ Devlin Winkelstein 845-938-2342
Electronics Experimenters Group CPT Joshua Groen 845-938-3127
Engineers & Scientists for a Sustainable World MAJ Kyle Murray 845-938-3124
Foreign Language and Culture COL John Baskerville 845-938-5943
Arabic Forum MAJ Kathy Nowak 845-938-4143
Chinese Forum CPT James Daniel 845-938-9077
French Forum Dr. Michael Foster 845-938-8504
German Forum CPT Matthew Mulconrey 845-938-4689
Persian Forum Dr. Amir Irani-Tehrani 845-938-4987
Polish Language Forum (Kosciusko Squadron) Dr. Lawrence Mansour 845-938-4349
Portuguese Language Club CPT William Sack 845-938-0187
Russian Forum LTC Brian Kilgore 845-938-8738
Spanish Forum Dr. Amaya Amell 845-938-8794
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers MAJ Sean O'Neil 845-938-4927
Mathematics Forum MAJ David Delcuadro-Zimmerman 845-938-0981
Mechanical Engineering Club MAJ Patrick Linford 845-938-4607
Nuclear Engineering Club MAJ Sam Heider 845-938-0094
Society of American Military Engineers LTC Ben Wallen 845-938-4658
Society of Physics Students Dr. Dave Kashinski 845-938-0184
Systems Club MAJ Benjamin Morales 845-938-7705
Wargames Committee Mr. John Stapleton 845-938-2730
Mock Trial  CPT Andrew Deel 845-938-0571
West Point Pre-Medical Society MAJ Armand Balboni 845-938-2169
International Cadets of West Point Dr. Amir Irani-Tehrani 845-938-4987
Society of American Engineers LTC Ben Wallen 845-938-4658
Special Interest Group: Security Audit Control MAJ Sang Yim 845-938-3050
Club Name Officer-in-Charge Phone
Boxing (Men) MAJ John Borman 845-938-2685
Boxing (Women) CPT Anita Phillips 845-938-3320
Climbing CPT Sarah Ferreira 845-938-2135
Crew LTC Tom Babbitt 845-938-3029
Cycling LTC Richard Gash 845-938-0566
Equestrian CPT Richard Lovering 845-938-4395
Fencing COL James Ness 845-938-0239
Judo CPT Drake Brewster 845-938-4395
Marathon LTC Kathryn Pegues 845-938-3688
Orienteering COL Mark Read 845-938-2472
Powerlifting CPT Tony Tankiewicz 845-938-2543
Team Handball (Men) SFC Eric Lawson 845-938-0524
Team Handball (Women) Dr. Peter Hanlon 845-938-2177
Triathlon  Dr. Kenneth Allen 845-938-3548
Volleyball (Men) MAJ Daniel Arnold 845-938-5517
Water Polo COL Michael Benson 845-938-6214
Club Name Officer-in-Charge Phone
Asian-Pacific Forum MAJ Jacob Absalon 845-938-5031
Big Brothers/Big Sisters MAJ Benjamin Summers 845-938-4001
Corbin Forum COL Lolita Burrell 845-938-5641
Cultural (Contemporary) Affairs CPT Kendrick Vaughn 845-938-5720
Japanese Forum MAJ Daisuke Hoshino 845-938-3989
Korean-American Relations Seminar CPT Jae Yu 845-938-2408
Latin Dance Club MAJ Caro Gray 845-938-0311
National Society of Black Engineers MAJ Ireka Sanders 845-938-8830
Native American Heritage Forum CPT Dallas Gilmore 845-938-3144
Cadet Secular Student Alliance Dr. Jennie Kiesling 845-938-5603
Society of Women Engineers LTC Kathryn Pegues 845-938-3688
Spectrum CPT Chad Plenge 845-938-7959
Vietnamese-American Cadet Association COL Jason  Musteen 845-938-3288
Society for Professional Hispanic Engineers MAJ Grabriel Lucero 845-938-2624
Club Name Officer-in-Charge Phone
Bowling LTC Kirk Ingold 845-938-5565
Chess COL Grover (Jake) LaPorte 845-938-4429
Club Hockey COL Paul Evangelista 845-938-5181
Functional Fitness CPT Andrew (Tyler) Innman 845-938-7745
Combatives CPT Robert Squier 845-938-0751
Karate Dr. Rich Schoonhoven 845-938-2485
Kendo SFC Scott Tedeton 845-938-3043
Martial Arts DR. Rich Schoonhoven 845-938-2485
Bass Fishing Mr. Todd Messitt 845-938-7519
Hunting SFC Kenneth Scarlett 845-938-3557
Fly Fishing LTC Ronald Hasz 845-938-8611
Ultimate Frisbee MAJ Eric Sturzinger 845-938-5560
Racquetball Mr. Michael DeGrave 845-938-3080
Sailing LTC Sean Sculley 845-938-4877
SCUBA LTC Joshua Eaton 845-938-5540
Skeet and Trap LTC Carl Wojtaszek 845-938-4285
Alpine CPT Michael Fortune 845-938-3248
Nordic Ski Ms. Laura Mosher 845-938-8296
Ski Club Dr. Gunner Tamm 845-938-5515
Club Soccer CPT Colin Brodmerkel 845-938-4608
Yoga MAJ Sarah Sublett 845-938-2624
Club Name Officer-in-Charge Phone
Combat Weapons Team CPT Jason Pomeroy 845-938-2602
Drill CPT Edward Olson 845-938-2884
Paintball COL Corey Gerving 845-938-5895
Pistol Mr. Duston Saunders 914-715-7782
Law Enforcement Tactics CPT Patric Brown 845-938-4307
Irregular Warfare Group MAJ Thomas Garvey 845-938-5355
Obstacle Course Team MAJ Travis Onischuk 845-938-3494
Club Name Officer-in-Charge Phone
Baptist Collegiate Ministry LTC David Harvie 845-938-2056
Catholic Cadet Catechists LTC Christopher Korpela 845-938-5574
Cadet Catholic Choir LTC Glenn Robertson 845-938-4988
Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship Chaplain (MAJ) Barron Wester 845-938-3875
Church of Christ LTC(P) Shane Reeves 845-938-2312
Fellowship of Christian Athletes COL David Lyle 845-938-3329
Gospel Choir MAJ Jacob Absalon 845-938-5031
Jewish Chapel Group MR Glenn Goldman 845-938-0469
      Hillel (Hebrew Language Culture and Technology) LTC Ben Wallen 845-938-4658
      Jewish Chapel Choir MS Elaine McConnell 845-938-2954
Latter-Day Saints Student Association CPT Wiley Grant 845-938-0445
Muslim Cadet Association CPT Anees Merzi 845-938-3986
Navigators CPT Robert Van Wey 845-938-2922
Officers' Christian Fellowship CPT Christina Fenstermaker 845-938-2367
Protestant Chapel Choir CPT Edwin den Harder 845-938-5083
Protestant Chapel Sunday School Teachers MAJ Matthew Webb 845-938-2100
Club Name Officer-in-Charge Phone
Glee Club COL Greg Ebner 845-938-2002
Rock Bands CW2 Jonathan Crane 845-938-8563
Howitzer Ms. Anne Drew 845-938-2780
Pipes and Drums MAJ Jill Rahon 845-938-2315
Scoutmasters’ Council COL Brad Wambeke 845-938-4823
Ski Instructors COL Daniel Bennett 845-938-8418
Ski Patrol LIC Chris Morrell 845-938-5561
Spirit Support Mr. Alton Lee 845-938-8151
Cadet Band CW2 Charles Doswell 845-938-5110
Cannoneers Mr. Alton Lee 845-938-8151
 Mule Riders LTC Elizabeth Bush 845-938-6669
Parachute SFC IanMichael McGlynn 845-938-7464
Theatre Arts Guild & Dialectic Society LTC Mindy Kimball 845-938-5421
Cadet Strings Ensembles (BOWS)  MAJ Ben Sylvester 845-938-2588
WKDT Radio Station Mr. Joe Cyr 845-938-4567
Cadet Media Group MAJ Ireka Sanders 845-938-8830