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Competitive Sports

Club Name Officer-in-Charge Phone
Boxing (Men) ​MAJ Robert Peterson 845-938-7624
Boxing (Women) ​CPT Richard Juten 845-938-3320
Climbing ​CPT Chaz Allen ​845-938-8742
Crew LTC Tom Babbitt 845-938-3029
Cycling ​CPT Jamin Williamson ​845-938-3028
Equestrian CPT David Zgonc ​845-938-2679
Fencing ​LTC Brian Crandall 845-938-3441​
Judo CPT David Dunham ​845-938-8137
Marathon CPT Ryan Hill ​845-938-2543
Orienteering ​COL Mark Read 845-938-2472
Powerlifting ​CPT Alex Bedard 845-938-3248
Team Handball (Men) CPT Reginald Shelton 845-938-4604
Team Handball (Women) Dr. Peter Hanlon 845-938-2177
Triathlon ​LTC Kenneth Allen​ 845-938-5042​​
Volleyball (Men) CPT Oliver Moore 845-938-3946
Water Polo LTC Michael Benson 845-938-6214