Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic - Job Opportunities


The Simon Center's vision is to serve as West Point’s connective tissue for:

  • Stewardship of the Cadet Honor System
  • The study of Officership
  • Character education / rehabilitation

Military positions within SCPME:

  • Executive Officer
  • Education Officer
  • Special Assistant to the Commandant for Honor
  • Honor NCO
  • Special Assistant to the Commandant for Respect
  • MX400 (Officership) Instructor

SCPME ACS & Direct Hire Application Process:

Officer candidate applications are managed two ways:

  1. Preferred Method - Directly through the SCPME Hiring Committee which allows applicants to communicate and submit packet requirements directly to SCPME.  To do so, send an email to with a copy of your ORB/SRB and availability date.  Then when prompted, send the required documents listed below.
  2. Alternate Method - Through the Web-Enabled Selection and Tracking (W.E.S.T.) system. Officers can create a W.E.S.T. file at the link:

If you apply via W.E.S.T, please notify MAJ Matthew Clark, the MX400 Assistant Course Director, of your intention to submit your application there and update him when your packet is complete.  MAJ Clark is also the POC for any questions regarding MX400 or the application process.
MAJ Matthew Clark
O: 845-938-2448

Minimum Documents Required in W.E.S.T:

  • Military/Contact Info/Photo - Basic information, contact phone numbers, and informal photo.
  • Educational Background – 
    • All information on previous and current degrees (transcripts). 
    • Manually input what you received on GRE/GMAT test day. 
    • Provide your last three assignments and your earliest, latest, and preferred grad school start month/year. 
    • Annotate if you are interested in a Direct Hire position (you already hold an applicable Master’s Degree) and specify schooling status that may not be otherwise listed.
  • Department Questions: We ask our applicants to answer additional questions: dual military status, whether degrees were completed in-part or completely online, and what type of degree programs you are most interested in. 
  • Supporting Documentation – Upload documents as PDF files, with all documents in one file per category; please do not upload each file individually! As an example, all evaluations should be in one PDF from most recent to oldest OER. Supporting documents include:
    • GRE or GMAT Scores – Scores are required even if you already have a graduate degree, unless you are only seeking a Direct Hire position. GRE/GMAT scores must be within the last five years. Please input the actual score values in the form AND scan a copy of your GRE results into WEST once received in the mail. The minimum DA standards for any funded masters program is GRE 153V, 144Q, and 4.0W or GMAT 500 (overall score). Waivers for lower scores are rare and only considered for highly compelling reasons. Aspire to achieve GRE scores above 160V, 148Q. If you are also taking the GMAT, the current Top 20 business schools’ 80%-range of scores of accepted students is approximately 650 to 750, so aspire to be strongly in this range. If GRE or GMAT scores are below these levels, we encourage you to study and retake the tests; we are primarily concerned with only the highest score achieved. Army Education Centers may proctor these exams for you; fees are typically reimbursable for one exam using DANTES Form 1560/49.
    • Soldier/Officer Record Brief (SRB/ORB) – You can submit either as long as the data is accurate. 
    • Letters of Endorsement/Recommendation – The letter should be addressed to LTC Scott M. Virgil, Director, SCPME.  The letter should indicate his or her support of this assignment, your potential as an officer, and your potential as a role model for cadets. You may upload the letter(s), they do not need to be emailed. 
    • Cover Letter (“Statement”) of Intent – Regardless of format, the letter should explain why you desire the job you are applying for, discuss your potential contributions to the Academy, and articulate your career goals.  Address the letter based on the guidelines above for letter of endorsement. 
    • All OERs & AERs – We place a very strong emphasis on choosing officers with an evidence of an exemplary military record. We understand that many officers will not have a company command OER in their file by the selection board deadline but they are still fully competitive for selection. (if KD OER is not available candidates are highly encouraged to obtain an endorsement letter from their senior rater)
    • APFT Card – DA Form 705 or a signed memo with your scores/date. 
    • Miscellaneous – Any additional pertinent documents such as published articles, certifications, etc.

All candidates desiring to compete for graduate school slots starting in the summer of 2020 must have complete packets submitted directly to the SCPME Hiring Committee or uploaded into W.E.S.T. NLT 01 December 2018. 

For those seeking Direct Hire positions (who already have an eligible Masters Degree), we will hold a separate board in August 2019.