Why Study Philosophy?

Philosophy is the original home of Critical Thinking, rigorous analysis, and systematic argumentation. Its work demands clarity, objectivity, sound reasoning, fairness, and good writing. The study of Philosophy builds conceptual skills exportable to any branch of the Army and to all professions, skills essential to leadership.

Philosophy Promotes:

Ethical Reflection
Philosophy provides the future officer a rational framework in which to understand the ethical principles behind duty and right conduct. Philosophy both trains the mind and enlarges the self.

Cultural Awareness
Philosophy reveals the mind and values of distant cultures: ancient Greece and Rome (seeking the good life); the Far East (the goal of inner happiness); early Modern Europe (science in conflict with religion). Philosophy study develops an appreciation of the universal character of humanity.

Education for Life
Philosophy enriches the self. Its concerns are fundamental, enduring, and important: the place of the mind in physical nature; moral value; the problem of evil; the limits of human knowledge; freedom and necessity; state and individual; the existence of God.